• Add Confidence!
    “I did question whether I really need to add another step to getting ready for the gym but why the hell not! Looking red and blotchy in the face just doesn’t make me feel or look good, so why not try and add some confidence to these endorphins feels!”
    - Personal trainer
  • Mascara staying power
    “Thanks for introducing this mascara into my life. So far it’s the best! Especially for us sporty fitness freaks it literally stays on the entire day”
    - Fitness Bunny
  • Not to be missed
    “I absolutely love the mist from SportFX - I was sent it recently, along with some of the other cosmetic products, and think its great! It is lightweight and smells incredible”
    - Blogger, Daisie Smith
  • Great lash coverage and volume
    “The curved brush ensures great lash coverage and gives volume, but unlike a lot of waterproof mascara it doesn’t flake when it dries. Trust me when I say I have put this product through its paces – cardio, weight lifting, running and even a New Years Eve workout and party; it has lasted the lot!”
    - wildcatfitnessuk
  • Brush review
    “Upon opening this product I noticed how soft the brush was. This brush is actually made with synthetic taklon bristles which are anti-bacterial! I love this concept as it means technically you don’t need to rinse your brushes as much.”
    - @abloggersbeauty
  • Good for my skin
    “I am a gym bunny so am really excited about SportFX! I love the idea of high endurance, sweat resistant makeup that is great quality and good for my skin. The staying power of the mascara is insane!”
    - Health and Beauty Writer, Notebook